Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photographing Your Jewelry

At our last meeting, photographing jewelry was the topic.  This year, the 2012 PMC Conference will include a virtual exhibition slideshow featuring the work of members of local chapters of the PMC Guild.  So this meeting was held with that purpose in mind.  Lori Magno spoke about lighting, set-up and offered her photography services to our group for those wanting to get their work into this slideshow.  Here are some of the photos from the meeting.  This first photo showed Lori's camera and various items she uses in setting up her photo shoot.  Yes, you are seeing sunlight as that's always the best lighting to shoot with (if available).

Someone also brought in their pvc piping setup they use as a form to drape fabric over the sides acting as a lightbox.

Even an old milk jug can act as your lightbox.  Just cut off the bottom, place your work underneath and shoot from the hole in the jug.  

And for those who couldn't make this last meeting, we have a couple photographs of our new location.  The space is full of light, the location is not too far from the highway, and there's even plant life!

Our next meeting will be held this Sunday, March 25th.  Monte Nikkel will be demonstrating the Viking Knit.