Thursday, November 3, 2011

Next Meeting 12-04-11

Our next meeting will be the 4th of December at the Crawford United Methodist Church.  This will be a combined meeting instead of a November and a December meeting, due to the holidays.
We will be honored to hear a quick verison of Lori Magno's talk on Social Media, which she presented at Metalwerx Vendor's Day and then we will have a Play with Clay day.  So, basically gab and work!  Bring a few goodies and we'll supply the tea and coffee.  Hope to see you all there!  And no more storms!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sterling PMC Coming in December 2011

Today, there was an announcement on the PMC Guild website that Sterling PMC is coming in December!

Mitsubishi Materials Announces an Important New Product
After two years of research, Mitsubishi announced today the release of a new product called "PMC Sterling." The clay contains 92.5% silver and therefore meets the legal standard of sterling. Like traditional sterling, the alloy is strong, hard, and bright.
PMS Sterling will be available for purchase starting in December 2011. Technical details will be coming in the next months, but for now, here is the short version:
  • Like other types of PMC, it can be molded, joined, carved, and modeled.
  • The clay works like fine silver PMC, though some testers feel that it has a longer working time.
  • Use the same tools and kiln as for other metal clays.
  • Fire half hour in air and a half hour in carbon.
  • Cost will be consistent with other forms of silver metal clay.
For more details, follow the links below: